Products we offer
Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted virtual desktops offer resiliency for mobile and multi-device use cases. Save time and money, and backup your data securely without the hassle of maintaining outdated infrastructure.

Express Servers

dinServer offers Windows and Linux pre-set configurations that can be enhanced as needed. Use for development, staging, or production applications and workloads such as Active Directory, Gateways, Fileservers, and Application servers such as SQL.

Professional Services

Enhance your virtual data center with dinCloud professional services such as Migration Services or Enhanced Support, Load Balancers, VM Restoration, and more. Products available after logging in.

Virtual Workspace Starter Pack

This pre-packaged product offering includes the back-end infrastructure needed to power your dinWorkspace or dinRDS environment. Our bundles meet common server workload requirements. Once the starter pack is in place, it’s quick and easy to start spinning up your virtual desktop infrastructure.